by: Bracefacee

The Windings

Chapter I ~ The Windings

It was dark and all was still. There was silence except for the occasional loud ticking of a large clock. The sounds had begun three nights ago and it seemed that nobody else in the family heard them. Kristo had awaken at one in the morning for a glass of water when he first heard the clock ticking. And ever since then had he heard it. He reported the news to his parents the second day at dinner. His parents told him that they had not heard anything and he was just dreaming. The next day at school he told his friends about it and they also did not know what he was talking about.

Tonight was the fourth night of this. He could not sleep with the clock ticking off every second, beeping off every minute, and ringing off every hour. It was too much to take. He had to find whoever owned this clock and get them to do something about it he decided.

“Tomorrow I will scout the town for possible owners but until then I should try to get some rest,” Kristo said laying back down in his bed.

Kristo tried to ignore the ticking but he just could not. He sat back upright in his bed and groaned. “I’ll never make it through the night.” He stood and crept slowly to his door. Making sure there wasn’t anything for his door to knock over he opened it slowly so it wouldn’t wake his parents. After the door was open wide enough he stepped into the hall.

There was a loud squeak. Looking down he noticed that he stepped on his dog’s squeak toy. Hopefully it didn’t wake his parents. Continuing down the hall Kristo entered the large living room. The television was on but it was muted. The 11 o’ clock news was playing. Two more teenagers missing.

Something was fishy about these missing teenagers. For twenty years teenagers had been disappearing from the county. They all seemed to go missing at night. For the first fifteen years only one or two went missing a month but for the following five years at least three teenagers went missing a week. Kristo just hoped he wasn’t next to disappear.

Walking into the kitchen he opened the fridge and took out a container of chocolate pudding. Reaching in a drawer he pulled out a spoon. He crept back to his room and sat on his bed while eating the pudding.

The ticking continued. It was driving Kristo insane. He sat down the pudding and grabbed his iPod. He jammed the earphones in his ears and turned on Avenged Sevenfold. Good that droned out the ticking if only he could sleep while listening to Avenged Sevenfold.

He sat the pudding container on the floor and lied in bed listening to music until the sun rose at 6. It was the longest time ever. His mom walked past his room. Kristo sat up in bed and removed the earphones.

“Hey mom.”

“Hey honey. Can’t talk right now I have to call your Aunt Jane,” his mom yelled down the hall.

“Why do you have to call her,” Kristo asked.

“Well…If you really must know her daughter, which is your cousin went missing last night along with her best friend,” his mom replied with fear in her voice.

“Whoa! Wait more teens are missing?” He only briefly remembered the news.

“Yes. Which is why you must be in the house from seven to six from now on, Kristo.”

“What? That is outrageous,” he implied.

“Look,” she said appearing in his doorway holding the phone, “I don’t want you missing. It is for your own good Kristo. Now would you please excuse me while I call your Aunt Jane?”

“Yes,” Kristo grumbled falling back down on his bed.

His mom walked off down the hall talking on the phone.

“Stupid curfew. Stupid mom thinking I have to do what she tells me to do. Well I’ll show her. I’ll show her good and well that she can’t enforce her silly little rules. I’m no longer a toddler for crying out loud I’m fifteen years old! I’ll show her.”

“So what have you been doing lately Katlyn?” Bart asked.

“Nothing really Bart. You know the usual. Band, Soccer, Choir, School,” Katlyn replied.

“Haha very funny Katlyn. Why so quiet Kristo? I don’t think you’ve said anything all day.”

“Yeah you haven’t really talked much today Kris. What’s wrong?” Katlyn asked.

“Well if you really must know my mom enforced a gay curfew,” Kristo replied. “I can’t be out of the house after 7 and I can’t go back outside until 6 the next morning.”

“Wow that is a gay curfew,” Bart said. “Makes you seem like a toddler but please tell me that she isn’t serious about this because I was gonna invite you to come bowling with me tomorrow night from like 8 to 11.”

“Hopefully she can’t enforce it because I really want to go bowling dude! Thanks for the invitation.”

“I can’t believe this. Why did your mom set up the curfew,” Katlyn asked.

Kristo hesitated. He stared into Katlyn’s eyes for a few seconds before answering the question. “My cousin and her friend went missing last night. Like all these other teens and guys remember what I told you about the clock?”

“What? Your cousin?” Katlyn said.

“Two more teens missing from this county,” Bart said. “What have we come to? I tell you Kristo and Katlyn we are next. Trust me.”

“I’d rather not,” Katlyn said. “Are you sure it was your cousin?”

“According to my mom. And my mom usually gets her missing people facts right.”

Katlyn and Bart just sat staring at Kristo for a little while then they said, “Yes we remember the clock.”

“Good,” Kristo said.

“Why do you ask,” said Bart.

“Well last night the clock got so annoying I just listened to music the whole night. I really must find that clock and destroy it or do something to stop it,” Kristo said. “Will you two help?”

Word Count: 1010